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Epizoda 21
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Ushio becomes afflicted with the same mysterious disease Nagisa had. Ushio tells Tomoya that she wants to go on a trip again like last time, but he declines and tells her that it will happen once she gets better. A month passes with Ushio still sick, so Tomoya resigns from his work so he can spend more time taking care of her. Akio offers him some money, but Tomoya declines his kindness. Akio states that every man has something to protect, even if it kills his pride. After several months, winter arrives; Ushio's fever still shows no signs of backing down, and Tomoya is restless and financially destitute. Ushio once again asks Tomoya to go on a trip, and he ultimately accepts thinking that he might not get another chance. After they leave the house, Ushio finally succumbs to her illness and dies in his arms right after telling her father that she loves him. Soon after, Tomoya collapses as well from shock. Tomoya then finds himself at the hill on the road to his old high school, with Nagisa in front of him. He contemplates whether it was better to not have met Nagisa to save them both from their tragic fates.

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