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Epizoda 05
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Makina is halted by Chan and En, bodyguards of the chief director, preventing her from entering his office. Ganta is thrust into his carnival corpse match with Senji and is at a disadvantage as his projectiles use too much blood and cause him to develop anemia. As he becomes helpless, he recalls memories of Shiro and manages to stand back up, using the environment to get a hit on Senji. After escaping from the corridor, Shiro and Yō head towards G-Block after Yō hears the whereabouts of a woman he is searching for. After Ganta recovers from his victory, he is horrified to find that Senji is forced to have one of his eyes removed as a result of losing. As Yō uses Shiro as a diversion so he can escape on his own, he bears witness to her true destructive ability, as she herself has the Branch of Sin.

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