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Epizoda 12
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As Nagi goes on a rampage on all the guards, Ganta stands to protect Shiro, taking all of his punches and trying to reason with him. Then, as Nagi starts to come to his senses thanks to the bell Karako wears reminding him of his friends, Karako is suddenly stabbed by Genkaku. Nagi stands to protect his friends but is shot by Genkaku, who begins killing the other guards, while Ganta starts being poisoned due to not having any candy in a while. Hibana tries to escape but is killed by Toto, who had managed to obtain Senji's abilities after drinking his blood. As Shiro enters the Wretched Egg mode, the stone in Ganta's chest glows and blasts a powerful shot, with Nagi holding Genkaku in place as they are both mortally wounded. Before dying, Nagi gives Ganta his last piece of candy. As Karako and some others escape, Ganta decides to stay behind so he can protect his friends. Toto becomes fascinated with Ganta's Branch of Sin, eager to know how it tastes. At the end of the episode Shiro sings a lullaby to Ganta, who remarks that he last heard the lullaby just before his classroom was attacked by the Red Man.

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