Epizoda 29
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Light uses the Death Note to have a member of Mello's Mafia mail him the address of their hideout. Sidoh sees the address and goes to find Mello. Meanwhile, Light informs Ryuk that he will give up ownership of his Death Note and borrow Misa's. The next day, Misa, posing as Kira, calls the investigation team to tell them that she will give them her Death Note. She also tells them that most of the members of Mello's mafia will die on November 10 and that that will be the best time to find the stolen Death Note. Upon receiving the second Death Note, Soichiro makes the deal with Ryuk to obtain shinigami eyes. The investigation team storms Mello's facility on the set date. Soichiro comes face to face with Mello and reads his true name: Mihael Keehl. Before he can write it on the recently recovered Death Note, however, Soichiro is shot. Mello escapes the rest of the investigation team by detonating explosives and Soichiro is taken to a hospital, where he dies comforted by the knowledge that his son cannot be Kira because he can see Light's lifespan. Light returns Sidoh's lost Death Note to him.

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