Epizoda 34
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After Gevanni's report, Near decides that they must get close to Mikami, but carefully so that the shinigami trailing Mikami will not warn him of their presence. Meanwhile, Aizawa marks several notepads before Light and Takada meet, to determine whether or not they are communicating in secret through written notes. Takada tells Light of her meeting with Misa. Annoyed at the trouble that both women cause him, Light assures her that she is the only one for him. He then writes a script for Takada that makes it sound like she has agreed to help capture Kira. After the meeting, Aizawa's suspicions are confirmed. The SPK picks up Misa then and, when Light contacts Near to tell him that they have lost track of her, Near informs him that he has her. Meanwhile, Gevanni searches Mikami's locker while the man is doing machine flyes and finds the notebook. During a second visit, Gevanni takes photographs of the names written in it. Near determines that the handwriting is Mikami's. Now having everything he needs, Near sets his plan in motion.

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