Epizoda 25
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L asks Rem about Death Notes, but she reveals as little information as possible to avoid implicating Light or Misa. Meanwhile, Misa begins to use her Death Note to kill criminals. Although Light denies Misa's involvement, L becomes suspicious of her and Rem realizes that it was Light's plan all along to endanger Misa so that Rem would sacrifice herself to kill L. Later, Light finds L on the roof of the investigation team headquarters. The latter laments how distant he is from other people and how often they, like most people, lie. When the two rejoin the rest of the team, L reveals that he is planning on testing the thirteen-day rule, the only thing currently absolving Misa. Before he can do so, however, Rem kills Watari and L, and thus sacrifices herself in the process. After secretly snatching away Rem's notebook, Light celebrates his victory in silence.

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