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Epizoda 96
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In the Null Realm, the Destroyers Iwan (イワン Iwan) of the First Universe, Arak (アラク Araku) of the Fifth Universe, and Liqueur (リキール Rikīru) of the Eighth Universe have a brief exhibition match to test the durability of the Tournament of Power's ring, forced by the Grand Minister to repair it soon after. Back in the Seventh Universe, Gohan and Shin's plan out their team to stick together to conserve energy and use their numbers for defense with Goku and Vegeta not on board with it. Whis then contacts the Grand Minister to transports the team to the Null Realm as the other universes' teams arrive, the angel explaining that only deities and natural fliers can freely fly before he, Beerus, and the Kais take their seats. Frieza and Frost befriend each other and agree to work together, while Goku singles out Jiren as a potential rival from seeing his ability. As the Grand Minister introduces each team, the Fourth Universe appears to have only eight warriors on their team, which confuses most of the Seventh Universe team save for Tien, who tells his teammates that he can sense the faint presence of two warriors. After a speech from the Zenos, the eighty warriors prepare for battle.

Kategorija: Shounen

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