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Epizoda 06
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A fleeing Shirō is eventually cornered by Rin, who offers to spare his life if he gives her his Command Seals. However, he refuses, prompting Rin to try and kill him. Both are then distracted by a scream downstairs and he and Rin find an unconscious girl. As Rin attempts to heal her, a dagger flies through an open door, aimed for Rin, but Shirō blocks it with his arm, wounding himself in the process. He runs outside to find the female Servant, which is of the Rider class, and repels an attack by her. Shirō considers summoning Saber via Command Seal, but decides it is too risky to get her involved and resolves to confront Rider himself. Rider resumes her assault, and Shirō is nearly killed by her until Rin rescues him. At Rin's home, Shirō and Rin decide to form a temporary truce to find Rider's Master. Later on, Rin learns more about Shirō's magical training, which infuriates her, as Kiritsugu unconventionally prioritized fatherhood over the responsibilities of being a magus, something she found unforgivable. Shirō is later escorted home by Archer, who expresses his disapproval of Shirō's ideals and warns him that Saber will dislike not being able to fight because of Shirō's concern for her.

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