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Epizoda 08
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Shinji defends his decision to set the barrier up over the school, explaining that it was a defensive measure against Rin. He also denies his involvement in Mitsuzuri's attack, and informs Shirō that the entire Matō family was once a clan of mages. Shinji then offers to form an alliance, stating that he too barely has any experience in using magic. Shirō turns down the offer and later informs Rin and Saber about a witch at the local shrine, Ryuudou Temple, who is also a Master, information that was given to him by Shinji. Saber insists they attack the Master directly and immediately, but Shirō and Rin believe it is more tactical to prioritize Illyasviel and Berserker over Rider and the Master at Ryuudou Temple. After this, Rin decides to officially move in with Shirō to make communications between them easier, which shocks Sakura and Taiga when they learn about it. Meanwhile, Shirō and Saber still cannot meet eye to eye regarding the strategy against the Master at Ryuudou Temple. Eventually, Saber decides to disobey Shirō's wishes and heads off for Ryuudou Temple alone.

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