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Epizoda 15
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As Archer and Berserker continue to battle in the sky, Saber and Rider are forced to retreat from Caster's demon to rethink their strategy. Rider proposes to transport the demon inside of Ionian Hetairoi, where his armies will hold it off as long as they can while Saber and Lancer find a way to finally destroy it. Kiritsugu calls and explains to Waver Velvet how they will defeat the demon and tells him to inform Lancer about Saber's Noble Phantasm. Lancer realizes what Kiritsugu means and destroys his Gae Buidhe to allow Saber's wound to heal and fully use her Noble Phantasm. Tokiomi defeats Kariya by burning him with a blast of fire and causing him to fall from the building, but Kirei later finds Kariya and decides to heal him. Berserker destroys Archer's Vimana, but is drawn by the unveiling of Saber's sword and begins attacking her instead. Lancer and Archer attack Berserker and destroy his jet. With the coast clear, Kiritsugu fires a flare gun to signal to Waver where Rider should transport the demon. With the demon in position, Saber uses Excalibur to finally destroy the demon along with Caster, who has a vision of Jeanne before his death. With the threat over, Rider and Archer discuss whether Saber's life as king was incredible or tragic before both leave, with Rider hoping to duel Archer in the future and Archer now smitten with Saber.

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