Amamiya Rindou

Epizoda 02
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Lenka and the members of the First Unit, most notably Sakuya, remark on the transformation of Lenka's God Arc before more Aragami arrive. As the First Unit dispatches the Aragami, Lenka wishes to help, but Lindow dismisses him, telling him to hide. However, Lenka disobeys orders and fires upon multiple Aragami but is injured and rushed to a medical facility. When he regains consciousness, he is locked in a holding cell by Tsubaki to await court-martial for disobeying orders. The superiors at Fenrir eventually rule that Lenka must surrender his God Arc as punishment. When Johannes von Schicksal tries convincing them to let Lenka keep his God Arc due to the rarity of new-type users, he learns that another new-type user, Alisa, is on her way from the Russia Branch. During a dinner between members of the Defense Unit, Hibari Takeda mentions Lenka's attempts to fight the Aragami without a God Arc; Lindow mentions that there was another person sharing those capabilities but claims to not remember his identity. He then visits Lenka and asks him about the incident where Lenka begs Lindow to teach him how to fight. Meanwhile, the planes transporting Alisa come under attack from a swarm of flying Aragami. Tsubaki issues orders to dispatch Lindow and Sakuya, but Lindow mentions Lenka as an addition, which Tsubaki accepts. Lenka is released and joins Lindow and Sakuya on the battlefield.

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