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Epizoda 08
Pred 3 leti

The zombies manage to infiltrate Air Force One. With the Chairman and the President being infected, The Chairman begs the President to launch their ICBMs in his belief that the other countries will launch theirs at the US, as he is finished off before turning into a zombie. Meanwhile, Takashi's group reaches the other side of the river, void of any civilians or zombies. After changing and getting familiar with new weapons, they decide to head towards Saya's house first since it is nearby. They start to find more zombies as they approach their destination, and an unexpected wire barrier causes Rei to fall off the Humvee. The others have to deal with unfamiliar weapons and their own courage in order to fend off the zombies. Outnumbered, Takashi and Saeko try to lead them away, but they are still drawn towards the direction of the others. As things look bad, they are assisted by a group of firefighters led by Saya's mother, Yuriko Takagi, while Takashi and Saeko take a different route.

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