Moten sij v času obupa - Okrevanje človeštva, 1. del

Epizoda 03
Pred 3 leti

The drill instructor Keith Sadies inspects the new recruits of the 104th Cadet Corps and provides a barrage of verbal insults. When he comes across Sasha Braus, who is eating a potato, he punishes her by having her run around the camp until sunset and not giving her any food or drink. Eren develops a rivalry with Jean Kirschtein, who desires a safe and easy position in the Military Police Regiment within the inner city walls. The recruits train on an omni-directional mobility gear[10] apparatus, where they have to balance themselves while suspended on cables. After Eren has trouble balancing, he asks Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover for help and discover they too are among the few who have personally encountered Titans. The next day, Eren balances on the apparatus but falls, but Keith discovers that Eren's apparatus was defective and passes him after a retry with different equipment.

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