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Epizoda 16
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Rintaro continues his efforts to qualify to study overseas, which seems to trouble Mayuri. Meanwhile, Daru and Maho continue to develop the Time Leap Machine with little success when Rintaro arrives and discovers it. He then angrily rants about how it is impossible to save both Mayuri and Kurisu, and that he chose to sacrifice Kurisu to protect Mayuri and the Beta worldline. Maho counters that Steins Gate must exist, and they must merely discover the "formula" that will lead them there. With neither side backing down, Rintaro takes his leave and encounters Mayuri, who reveals that she heard his argument with Maho and Daru. She tells Rintaro that she regrets convincing him not to continue to try and save Kurisu, as she can tell he is still suffering and not truly happy in this worldline.

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