Rinascimento trdne obljube

Epizoda 20
Pred 2 letoma

Following his previous time leap attempt, Rintaro wakes up to discover he has suddenly ended up in the year 2036, where Akihabara has been devastated by World War 3, and Daru, Suzuha, and the others have formed a resistance. Daru explains he was able to use the recently recovered time leap machine to implant Rintaro's 2011 memories into his current body and recounts the events that occurred in Rintaro's mental absence: in 2011, the time leap machine malfunctioned and they missed the 48-hour window to save Mayuri so they decided to try and build a new time machine. In 2025, Rintaro was captured and tortured by Stratfor. When Daru rescued him, he was brain-dead but alive. For the next 11 years, Rintaro's survival was kept secret between a select few resistance members who cared for him. As Daru finishes his explanation, Luka and Faris are caught up in an enemy trap, with Luka sacrificing himself to protect the other members before dying in Rintaro's arms. Realizing the truth he had refused to face, Rintaro asks to use the time leap machine to return to 2011.

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