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Epizoda 08
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On the 74th Floor, Kirito hunts down a rare rabbit, that contains high quality meat. Kirito attempts to sell it to Agil, but when Asuna arrives, he decides to let her cook it since Asuna has excellent cooking skills. Asuna's escort, Kuradeel, opposes Asuna inviting Kirito to her home after he learns that Kirito is a "beater", but Asuna disregards him. On the 61st Floor, Asuna welcomes Kirito to her home, and they eat the meal she prepared in a stew. Asuna convinces Kirito to team up with her, despite him preferring to be a solo player. The next day, the two head back to the 74th Floor, where Kuradeel challenges Kirito to a duel to prove who can best protect Asuna. Kirito easily defeats Kuradeel by breaking his sword. Kuradeel refuses to admit that he lost to a beater and accuses Kirito of cheating. Asuna uses her authority as the second-in-command of her notorious guild, the Knights of the Blood Oath, to order Kuradeel to return to the guild's headquarters. Kirito and Asuna later clear the dungeon and discover the boss room on the 74th Floor.

Kategorija: Shounen

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