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Epizoda 18
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In the real world, Suguha reminisces about how she started virtual reality gaming and meets up with classmate Shin'ichi Nagata, real-life persona of Recon. She informs him that she will be leaving their party to join Kirito. Later, she logs in as Leafa and begins to lead Kirito to the World Tree, which stands in the center of Alfheim. However, before their departure, a member of Leafa's party, Sigurd, is disappointed that she betrayed her other members. Annoyed about how Sigurd treats Kirito, Leafa announces that Kirito is her new partner. Meanwhile, Asuna learns from Oberon that Kirito is still alive, and she peeks at the key code which unlocks her cage as Oberon leaves. Later during their travels, Kirito and Leafa arrive at a landing point, where they take turns logging out to refresh themselves.

Kategorija: Shounen

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