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Epizoda 25
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Upon arriving outside the hospital, Kazuto is attacked by Sugō wielding a knife. Sugō decided to kill Kazuto for what he did to him. However, his poor eyesight prevents him from killing Kazuto, who disarms Sugō by taking the knife, then lacerates his neck, and ultimately spares his life to sell him out to the police to arrest him. Kazuto and Asuna reunite and share a kiss in her hospital room. The two attend the special school for students who were formerly SAO players. The police arrested Sugō for his cybercrimes, the 300 SAO players were released from the hospital, RECT Progress Inc. was dismantled and ALO was shut down. Akihiko committed suicide by using his NerveGear after SAO had collapsed. Kazuto, Asuna and Suguha visit Andrew at his café, where Ryōtarō "Klein" Tsuboi, Keiko "Silica" Ayano, Rika "Lisbeth" Shinozaki, Yolko, Kains, Yulier, Thinker and Sasha congratulate Kazuto for completing SAO and ALO. The World Seed created by Akihiko is a program package replacing the Cardinal System, the game system for SAO and ALO, thus reviving the virtual reality gaming genre. Suguha as Leafa returns to Alfheim, and Kazuto as Kirito catches her in midair when she falls from flying too high. After the two dance in the sky, Kirito takes Leafa to New Aincrad, vowing to start from scratch and clear all 100 Floors of this floating castle.

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