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Epizoda 07
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Light writes the name Maki on the Death Note. When nothing happens, he realizes that Penber's fiancée has kept an alias and fears that she may lead the police to him. Ryuk starts pressuring Light to get the shinigami eyes, but Light coaxes her true name, Naomi Misora, out of her by pretending to work for L. As the Death Note takes effect, Light informs her that he is Kira and watches as Naomi walks away to commit suicide, tauntingly yelling after her how he could easily contact his father now, with her only feebly returning that she has nothing to say. Meanwhile, Watari reveals his identity in the meeting with Light's father and the other detectives. He gives the detectives special gadgets embedded in clothing in the event Kira comes into contact with them or they are in trouble. Detective Shuichi Aizawa is sent to the police headquarters by L and just misses Penber's fiancée.

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