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Epizoda 06
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In an effort to repair his relations with the Japanese police, L meets in secret with the remaining detectives who want to work on the Kira case. L insists that they use false identities for protection against Kira and asks that they call him Ryuzaki instead of L. He reveals his thoughts about how Kira might be following the murders of the FBI agents and pinpoints who the federal agents were tracking during that period. Meanwhile, Light happens to meet a woman who introduces herself as Maki. As the two talk, he realizes that she is Penber's fiancée and that she has worked out that Kira can kill by means other than heart attacks. Convinced that it is his destiny to use the Death Note to create a better world, Light is euphoric that he has come into contact with the very person who can get him caught. He formulates a plan to get rid of her.

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