Freeza in Frost! Združena zloba?!

Epizoda 108
Pred 3 leti

As Goku battles Ribrianne, the deities of the top four universes speculate on who will win the tournament. Meanwhile, Gohan is confronted by Jimizu and is overwhelmed by the Yardrat's Instant Transmission technique before Frieza intervenes. The Seventh Universe group speculate Frieza may intend to betray them for the Super Dragon Balls as he allows Jimizu and resume his attack on Gohan. But Frieza again intervenes when Jimizu attempts to finish Gohan off, provoking the Yardrat into attacking Frieza who swiftly eliminating him in an antagonizing manner. Frost then appears declares his intention to defeat Gohan, Frieza revealing his alliance with Frost as he attacks Gohan and enter Golden form to knock him out. Frieza then teaches Frost how to enter the 100% Full Power state, only to eliminate Frost in a surprise double-cross. Gohan admits that he immediately figured out Frieza's plan and played along with him. An enraged Frost attempts to attack Frieza from the spectator stands, only to be erased by the present Zeno for acting against the rules. While the Zenos leave the Sixth Universe representatives with a warning to follow the rules or face instant erasure, Goku continues battling Ribrianne.

Kategorija: Shounen

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