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Epizoda 98
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Roh orders his warriors to attack Goku in order to avenge their defeat at the Zeno Expo, with Goku being overwhelmed by Trio of Dangers' teamwork while trying to avoid fighting to conserve stamina for later in the tournament. Vegeta notices Goku's plight and backs him up before Roh sends over three more warriors as they overwhelm the Saiyans with teamwork. But the plan fails when Lavender and Hop (ホップ Hoppu)'s egos over finishing Vegeta resorted in the former's injury, allowing the Saiyans to exploit this and take most them out while Android 18 defeats Sorrel (ソレル Soreru) and a traumatized Roselle (ローゼル Rōzeru) disqualifies himself to escape Frieza. Only the Trio of Danger remain as they resort to a last ditch combination attack before being knocked out of the ring when the Saiyans power up to Super Saiyan Blue and use a Final Kamehameha. With all ten members eliminated from the Tournament of Power, the Zenos erase both the Ninth Universe and its representatives save the Angel Mohito (モヒイト Mohi'ito) as he is amused by the turn of events.

Kategorija: Shounen

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