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Epizoda 99
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While the other warriors regain their composure from seeing the Ninth Universe's erased, Android 17 reminds Android 18 that they have no reason to hold back due to their infinite stamina. Vegeta tries to fight Hit before being attacked by Botamo, attempting to throw him out before Auta Magetta intervenes with the two Sixth Universe fighters teaming up to remove their individual weaknesses. While the Tenth Universe's Dium (ジウム Jiumu) is swiftly eliminated while attacking Gohan's group, the Fourth Universe's Shosa (ショウサ Shōsa) tricks Android 18 into lowering her guard by playing possum death and nearly knocks her off the stage with a barrage of ki blasts, only for her to be saved by Krillin as the couple take Shosa out with a powerful combination attack. They are challenged by the Fourth Universe's Majora (マジョラ Majora), a blind fighter whose powerful sense of smell allows him to pinpoint his enemies. But Krillin manages to disorientate Majora with his smelly shoe before knocking him out, getting knocked out of the ring himself by Frost while his guard is down. Beerus and Shin berate Krillin for his carelessness while forty-three minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.

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