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Epizoda 01
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In Fuyuki City, a duel between two Servants destroys the entire area and engulfs it in flames. Ten years later, Shirō Emiya, The sole survivor of the destruction, devotes his life to following the ideal of his late adoptive father Kiritsugu: to become a hero of justice. In the present days, he helps out with tasks at his school and the local businesses freely with the aid of the magical powers taught to him by Kiritsugu, but is concerned about the sudden rise of violent crimes and lethal gas leaks in the city. At home, he is raised by his legal guardian Taiga Fujimura, with some assistance by his classmate Sakura Matō, who secretly has a crush on Shirō. While walking home one night, Shirō comes across the ruins left by the fire ten years ago and muses about a warning by Kiritsugu that if he saves one life, he will lose another. He then comes across a silver-haired girl who warns him to summon a Servant before abruptly vanishing. Meanwhile, another student at Shirō's school, Rin Tōsaka, summons an Archer-class Servant in preparation for the Fifth Holy Grail War and begins her search for magi with other Servants.

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