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Epizoda 02
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After having a dream about her father, who participated in and died during the previous Holy Grail War, Rin expresses her disappointment at not being able to summon a Saber-class Servant as she originally intended. She then asks Archer to reveal his real-life identity, although he is unable to recall his past. At school, Shirō learns from Ayako Mitsuzuri, head of the archery club, that Sakura's older brother Shinji has been acting more aggressively, presumably due to having his pride damaged after being rejected romantically by Rin. When he tries asking him about it, Shinji dodges the topic and later requests Shirō to clean the school's kyūdō dojo, which he accepts. The following night, while still at the school, Rin and Archer are confronted by a Lancer-class Servant, who engages Archer in battle. The duel is witnessed by Shirō, who is noticed by Lancer. Shirō tries to flee, but is caught by Lancer, who kills him before escaping. Moments later, Rin discovers Shirō's corpse and revives him with a magical jewel in a moment of pity, despite the Holy Grail War's rule that innocent witnesses must be killed. When Lancer comes back to kill him again at his home, Shirō accidentally summons Saber, the most powerful Servant. Upon spotting her, he becomes astounded by her beauty.

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