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Epizoda 11
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Saya tries to calm down a group of survivors who refuse to accept their current situation. Takashi is appointed the leader by the others, much to his surprise. Soichiro later gives Saeko a prized katana as thanks for protecting his daughter and gratitude to Saeko's father for teaching him. As the group makes plans to go and rescue their remaining families, Shido and his followers arrive at the mansion, to which an angry Rei charges up to him with her bayonet. Rei reveals she hates Shido because his father, a corrupt politician, asked him to force Rei to repeat a year as revenge against her father, who was investigating him for corruption. Soichiro arrives and tells Rei that Shido's fate is in her hands, but Rei decides he is not worth killing which Soichiro has Shido and his followers leave as they have become corrupt. Elsewhere, a US submarine has been given orders by the succeeding President to launch a controversial preemptive nuclear strike at China, North Korea, and Russia, while the crew at the International Space Station watches in horror as both the US and Russia launch their ICBMs at each other.

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High school Thriller

Naruto the Translator