Napad vseh MRLIČEV.

Epizoda 12
Pred 4 leti

The US and Japanese naval forces team up to shoot down some of the retaliatory missiles. However, one missile manages to penetrate through the joined US and Japanese air defenses, exploding somewhere near Japan. Due to the EMP burst from the nuclear explosion, machines and electronics near the blast break down which causes Shido's bus to crash and destroy one of the barricades. With a giant horde of zombies coming to the mansion, Soichiro orders the main gate to be closed but the overwhelming zombies breach the gate, causing panic among the survivors. With the mansion no longer safe, the Takagis order their followers and the remaining survivors to fight and head to another safe area that has yet to be breached. The Takagis leave Saya's safety to Takashi and the group as they fight to their Humvee which was not affected by the EMP. With their ride fixed, the group leaves the mansion while the survivors fight off the horde. Despite the situation, the group remain optimistic as they finally arrive at a mall by foot.

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